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Friday, May 30, 2008

What exactly makes a gang member a gang member?

In the previous post (Gang members don't belong . . .) we referenced the ongoing conversation over at the Modesto Bee.

Here's the recent thought provoking dialog update:
What exactly makes a gang member a gang member? Sounds like a lot of stereotyping going on. You could consider a bunch of Marines with USMC tattoos consider gang members when they are hanging out together right? -

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SERAPH said...


The US Department of Justice has released a report that states the growth of criminal gangs is increasing in all socio economic areas of the country, . SERAPH who provides school safety consulting to over 20,000 schools in the U.S. has observed a dramatic increase in gang recruitment in suburban schools.

Ron Holvey, Gang Interdiction Special Consultant for SERAPH explains the problem, “School officials have been caught off guard by the rise of gangs in suburban areas. Straight Edge, Juggalos, Crips and Bloods have all been recruiting juveniles in these areas of the country.”